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Cheapest way to get to Dizin from Tehran with public transport: Minibus

Call +989126708975 or see Mr. Beygi’s website to arrange transportation with minibus from Tehran to Dizin. You will be picked up very early in the morning from your location which has to be on the north side of the city. The minibus leaves around 5am and departs from Dizin around 3pm. The price for return ticket is 100,000 rials.

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  1. style khafan says

    I will be shreddin’ in Dizin this season. Should be wicked. Is it possible to get a season pass there or something? I don’t want to have to pay daily to ride there.

  2. Paul says

    Is there an official date that the resort will open on? A group of us are looking at heading to the resort on 6 December but no one can confirm with us that the resort will be open and lifts will be running.

  3. Espen Antonsen says

    Khanfa: No, only day passes. Cannot even get a weekly pass. It is slightly more expensive on weekends.

    Paul: Not sure. Best bet is to call Mr. Mousavi at Firouzeh Hotel in Tehran. He arranges taxi to Dizin and can call the reception at Dizin Hotel to check when it opens. Check Dizin Hotel has no website.

  4. Espen Antonsen says

    Khafan: But it is very cheap – between 100,000 and 150,000 rials for a daypass. 10-15 USD for such a great place is a bargain.

  5. Anonymous says


    wir sind 2 Iraner aus Düsseldorf / Deutschland und reisen am 19.DEZ. bis 10.JAN. nach Teheran um Urlaub zu machen, wir werden auch nach Dizin fahren um einige tage auf der Piste die Sau raus zu lassen.
    Ich wollte hiermit nur sagen, wenn jemand aus Deutschland nach Dizin fahren möchte und er / sie habe angst oder möchte gern mit jemand der sich da auskennt reisen, würden wir gerne behilflich sein, eventuell könne man zusammen die Reise planen.

    Ihr könnt mir gerne bei Interesse schreiben

  6. Espen Antonsen says

    Ali, Sorry my German is pretty lousy but it seems like you are going to Tehran in December. Lucky you. Hope you enjoy Dizin. If you are questioning about prices please see

  7. mousavi says

    hi all ,
    you can call to my cell phone no :0098 912 436 1974 .
    for any arrengment or question about all ski resorts .
    or e-mail me :

    cheers .

  8. KIM says

    hELLO we are french linving in DOHA, we want to spend few days in dizin for ski. We arrive at the airport the 21st of february 2009 at 3.30 morning. I heard there is a minibus driving us to DIZIN? Or do we have to take a taxi? Do we have to book hotel in dizin ?
    Thank you for your answer

  9. Espen Antonsen says

    KIM: Call the number in the post above. Otherwise you can contact Mr. Mousavi at Firouzeh Hotel to arrange a taxi. See his number in the comment above. He can also help you book hotel in Dizin. Or you can contact the hotel directly. You can find the number if you click on accomodation on the top. Good luck and enjoy Dizin!

  10. Xavier says

    KIM : On est 3 Français à faire le même voyage. On avait prévu de partir le 17, mais les billets ne sont pas encore réservés. Ca peut etre sympa de partir ensemble (plus on est de fous…).
    mon email :

  11. Thomas Norskov says

    Hi, I just got the idea of gong skiing in Iran. Can anyone tell me when the pistes will close this season or when the snow is likely to get too brownish?

  12. Espen Antonsen says

    Thomas: not sure but I have heard that the slopes are open until very late in the season, around May. I have only been there in February. Maybe someone else know?

  13. farah says

    going to tehran, isfahan and shiraz on march. would love to go to Dizin too. i hope i can stay at the firouzeh hotel too. i heard it’s goingto be busy around that time as it is the norouz day. is it possible to get bus to those places? thanks.
    oh yea, i’m from malaysia.

  14. Bence8810 says

    Hi there Farah, we are (2 Hungarians) also going to Iran from the 18th to the 28th of March and will be heading up to Dizin around the 23rd for a good 5 days. If you are interested maybe we can put our heads together and try to come up with some plans for getting to Dizin, as the options seem very limited. Drop me a line to bfrank atsign celifornia com



  15. Espen Antonsen says

    Farah; you can also take a taxi, but I would recommend to book accommodation everywhere you will travel in Iran around norouz (Iranian new-year). Malaysia is a nice place; I spent three months there in 2008. Made lots of good friends in KL – even one named Farah 🙂

  16. MichaelB says

    Kim/Xavier: Je compte partir pour l’Iran le weekend prochain (28 au 4 mars) et ski a Dizin le 1 et 2. Laissez moi savoir quelles dates vous serez à Dizin

    Anyone else interested in riding on March 1/2 in Dizin, let me know. I also need to book a hotel and transportation, any recommendation?

    Montreal, Canada

  17. Masha says

    I’ll be in Tehran on 1st night and plan to take a minibus on 2nd morning, don’thave any reservations yet


  18. taras says

    Hi Espen, any recommendations about cheap flights from UK to Iran?

  19. Espen Antonsen says

    Check Iran Air – probably the cheapest option. Also check out

    Another option is to get a cheap flight to Turkey and take the train from Istanbul to Tehran. The journey takes 3,5 days but is a great way to see the country and read lots of books 🙂 Or a flight to Dubai then fly with Air Arabia to Tehran from there.

  20. Sergey Rudnitskiy says

    We (2 people) arrive in Tehran 07.03.2010 from Moscow. Back in Moscow, returning March 17, 2010. We want to reserve a double room in Dizin Hotel. Who can help us to reserve a double room and how much will it cost? Also we are interested in a transfer from the airport in Dizin 07.03.2010, and back to the airport 17.03.2010. 17/03/2010 Also we want to devote tour of Tehran. So, we need to know the cost of booking rooms, transfer airport-Dizin-airport + tour of Tehran. If we are satisfied with your price, we will be happy to cooperate with you. Indicative prices, we know, so that offers real prices, not inflated.

  21. Andrey says

    We arrive in Tehran 31 of Dec, 2010 from Moscow. We are planning to ski 5 or 6 days. Please help us to reserve triple room (or double room + extended bed). Also we need transfer from Tehran to Dizin and back.
    Please let me know by e-mail.

  22. Alex K says

    Hi there! I’m in Tehran permanently (10 years for now) and i can help you with reservations and another support any time. So, keep in touch:
    and (apologize for some kind of ads:)) and my website will be ready in nearest future: Have a nice time and pray for snow – it’s sunny weather till 17 december…. 🙁

  23. Alex K says

    and a little notice for all CIS snowfreaks: i speak Russian too:)

  24. AM says


    AM from KL, Malaysia. My brother and I will be going to Tehran next 16th – 23rd February. will be staying in Tehran Grand Hotel. Plan to visit Dizn, Resht, Isfahan and maybe Shiraz too. First time winter vacation (normally travel in summer). Looking forward to meet new friends during the visit!!


  25. Nick says

    Hi everybody. I’m half-English, half-Iranian with basic farsi speaking skills.
    I plan to travel to Dizin or Shemshak from around 7th March onwards (I have not booked my flights yet).

    I plan to meet locals and other travellers if anyone will be there? We can maybe share accommodation, travel etc

    If you will be there in March, send me an email:

    Thanks, Nick

  26. Parastu92705 says

    ok, where is ur e-mail then?

  27. Negar says

    Hello, I will be in Dizin this December. I’m Iranian Australian.
    Email me if you want to catch up.

  28. Espen Antonsen says

    Hi, not planning to be in Dizin in December. Have a great time. Do leave any comments here if you have any updates for us in regards to pricing or any other tips for Dizin this year 🙂

  29. Péter says

    Hello, I am planning to go to Dizin in March.
    Can you please help with some fresh info on transportation, pass and rental prices? Thank you very much! Regards,

  30. Joel says

    I am coming to Tehran / Dizin in January 2017.
    Can you please help with some fresh info on transportation or accom. Or is there anyone else looking to do a similar trip? Jan 14,15,16.. Cant wait.