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Hotels and cabins – Where to stay in Dizin?

So you are going to Dizin but unsure how to book hotel. Well it’s not easy that’s for sure. You cannot book online and you will be lucky to find a phone number to the hotel. But first of lets go through the options.


There are two hotels at the bottom of the slope. As of early 2008 one of these hotels were closed for renovation, except the restaurant which was open for kebab and pizza.

* Hotel Dizin

This hotel was built by, like the lifts and the slopes, zie germans in the good times of the shah in the seventies even has a bar. Now it is a cafe with a cool retro feel to it. The staff at this hotel are all useless except for one nice lady in the reception. Make sure you deal with her.
Price. 560,000 rials in the weekend (Thursday and Friday). 30% discount the rest of the week. Only doubles and suites (whatever that means).

Phone number is :+98 261 521 2449 .

* Gajereh Hotel
When going the main road to Dizin there is a hotel about five minutes before you reach the slopes. It is slighly cheaper than Hotel Dizin, around 450,000 rials if I remember correctly. More importantly it will probably have some rooms in peak season (most notably weekends). It has a free bus to the slopes.

Phone number is: +98 261 521 2232 .


This place is only 15 minutes away but the road is steep and there are frequent avalanches. So if you stay in Shemshak you might wake up and be separated by a whole bunch of snow from Dizin. If you are a snowboarder that is bad luck but if you are an experienced skier you should know that Shemshak is an excellent place for skiing. It is much steeper making it much more difficult.

* Shemshak hotel
This is cheaper than Dizin. I think about 240,000 rials.

* Cabins
The other good things about Shemshak is that is a much large village. Many people have cabins here and you can rent a cabin for a week or a month. And since there are more cabins (actually mostly apartment buildings) there is also more of a scene here. And if you bump into the right people you might be invited to after-ski in one of the cabins. Party in Iran; now that’s something to tell your mates.


So, the difficult part..the booking. There are travel agents, for example in Norway or Sweden, that arrange group tours to Dizin. As Iran is a cheap country to travel these tours are naturally way overpriced. You probably will have no problems going to Iran by your own means and then just showing up to get a room in a hotel. But you should off course try to make a booking. If you are unable to communicate with the people at the hotel (they do not always speak very well English) try contacting Mr. Mousavi at Hotel Firouzeh. The hotel is crap but the man is legendary for his service to travelers from around the world. He knows the nice lady at Hotel Dizin and will call her directly to make sure you get a booking. He can also arrange a taxi from Tehran to Dizin.

Hotel Dizin reception. Unknown guy with lots of rials. In the background you can see the nice lady at Hotel Dizin.

So what are you waiting for? Get on a plane to the great powder snow in Dizin!

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25 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says

    what about iranian guys in the slope?

  2. Espen Antonsen says

    There are Iranian guys in the slope. Girls too.

  3. Mehdi says

    A friend stayed in Shamshek, only one hotel (“Shamshek Hotel”)…he paid 100$ for a double room (1,000,000 IRR)…

  4. Espen Antonsen says

    Mehdi: That sounds strange. Last year the price was roughly 250,000 rials for one person. Did he book directly with the hotel?

  5. cosar says

    i like this pics.especialy first pic is wonderfull for a short time i will visit there

  6. Chino says

    Someone knows the phone number of Shemshak Hotel??


  7. Jenny says

    Hi, Espen!

    Could you recommend a hotel/guest house in Tehran? You help will be most appreciated!


  8. Beygi says

    Dear Espen!
    Would you please let every one contact me about information about skiing in Iran/Dizin,,transports, guidning, skiing school and so on.
    We not only help them with the all transport as mentioned on Wiki travells webb site but also with the all questions about skiing in Iran
    Yours in skiing

  9. Chris says

    Have just stayed in Gajereh Hotel and prices is still ver afforadable, pay $178 (B &B) per night for 5 people, which to me as just about nothing for a 2 bed room apartment

  10. ROBERTO ARBO says

    Hi You ESPEN.. I am a brasilian guy who intent to visit theran next SEPTEMBER. I will spent at least 7 days in IRAN.. is it a good month to go to DIZIN and try some snowboard??? or dou you recommend me wait until november or decenber??? Thank you so much if you could answer my question.. from PORTO ALEGRE (Brasil)…see yaa

  11. Espen Antonsen says

    Roberto: Tudo bem? Brazil is nice, I spent three weeks in Salvador. September would be a great time to visit Iran. Not too warm. But there will be no snow in Dizin at that time. The season in Dizin is from November to May. See

  12. ROBERTO ARBO says

    it is very kind of you Espen…this information is vital to my trip because i really wanna do some snowboard…so. i will pospone my trip to November.. thank you so much.. Obrigado!!!

  13. ROBERTO ARBO says

    ….continuing..YES, SALVADOR is a different and typical place to spent some days.. PORTO ALEGRE (my town) is so distant from SALVADOR but i went there (august/2009) with my mother and daugher and we had a really great time in IBEROSTAR RESORT (Praia do Forte).. see yaaa. ROBERTO

  14. Espen Antonsen says

    Roberto: I have never been in Dizin in November so not sure how good it is though.

  15. Oleg says

    Hi, Espen!
    Do you know somethig about availability of internet in Dizin (especially in the Dizin hotel)?
    And if it is available, what is the quality of connection (is it enought for email and skype)?
    Is it possible to connect using WiFi from laptop?
    It is big issue for me because i need to stay connected with internet due to conditions of my work.

  16. Espen Antonsen says

    Oleg: not that I’m aware of so don’t bet on it.

  17. Oleg says

    Espen: ok, thanks for response. So let it be as usual – inshallah! 🙂

  18. MICHEL says

    I contacted Beygi but prices seem verry high.
    400USD transport from and to Dizin
    100USD/day for guide/instructor.
    200USD/day for a room in Dizin Hotel?
    I booked my plain tickets and i’m trying to book dizin hotel but the fax N° is not correct.
    By telephone i got thru but they don’t understand me in english.
    Any advice/tips or other fax N°/mail?

  19. Espen Antonsen says

    Michel: That sounds way too much. Taxi to/from Dizin should be around 400,000 rials (40 USD) one way. I am not up to date with current prices but it was 300,000 rials two years ago.

  20. Parastu92705 says

    hey, Michel , Im here, Tehran, & Iranian, Ski lover , going regularly,
    let me know to help you out,
    & FREE of charge, just as a friend,

  21. Parastu92705 says

    hey, Michel , Im here, Tehran, & Iranian, Ski lover , going regularly,
    let me know to help you out,
    & FREE of charge, just as a friend,

  22. Nelson says

    That’s not right to stitch you up guys, 400$ and 100$ is way too much, I go up to dizzin every week if any one wants to carpool and split the gass email me , Nelson
    Ps: there are too many guides at the place, cheaper and better they are less you hear them.

  23. Maria La Russa says

    Your hotel phone numbers are wrong.

  24. Maria La Russa says

    Hotel Gajereh contact details (number starting with 026).تماس.html
    You need to find Dizin Hotel 1 contact details on the official ittic website.

  25. canada says

    hi, the URL above is not working. can you please post phone number to Dizin hotel. I am planning to come to ski in end of feb 2015