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Prices in Dizin 2010

Double 700,000
Triple 900,000
4 bed 1,050,000
5 bed 1,200,000
6 bed 1,700,000
10 bed 2,800,000
Chalet (sleeps 4+) 2,150,000.

Ski rental is 200,000 rials per day for adults and 150,000 for children.

Instructors charge up to 250,000 rials per hour or 1,000,000 per day.

A daily ski pass is 200,000 rials.

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  1. Madis says

    Excellent information you’ve got on this page, Espen – thank you.

    Just got back from Dizin today and wanted to add, that when arriving to Dizin from west, there’s a small village about five km from Dizin and there’s a ski rental by the road. Price per snowboard per day was 180k and with some help from locals we managed to bargain it to 300k for 2 boards. Quality wasn’t exactly very good, but seemed about the same that you get in ski shops near parking area in Dizin. There they asked 300k for a single “regular” snowboard and 500k for a single “high quality” (looked brand new) snowboard. It was weekend today, so higher prices might be because of that. Anyway, if you have arrive by car, you might want to rent from this village.

    Second thing is that I heard Dizin resort was closed for a couple and just reopened, I believe day before yesterday. The reason wast hat the eastern road was closed by a local government, due to safety reasons (there was an avalanche about month ago – Closing the road reduced the number of visitors from Tehran and owners of the ski resort decided to shut down the whole thing. I guess they fought over it for a couple of days and decided to reopen. It was first time form me in Dizin so I don’t have comparison, but it didn’t seem crowded at all and plenty of “untouched” slopes so the story might be true and Eastern road closed.

    Thirdly, I saw some private minibuses in Dizin, going back to Tehran and Karaj and those seemed like you can just step in and get a lift. So if you’re adventurous type, I’d suggest you try those first before ordering a taxi. Also people on the slopes seemed quite friendly (and some speaking English) so I’d imagine if you just have some small talk while in the condola and asked for a ride, they’d give you a lift to Tehran

  2. Ben says

    Hi Madis,
    The road was closed was closed by the police the day before we arrived. I also thought that it must have been a safety issue because of an avalanche or snow on the road. But turns out that because it was a mourning holiday, the poilice closed the road to Dizin because they didn’t want people having fun on the ski slopes when they should be at home or at the mosque praying.
    If you think that is strange, how about this… Our children got into trouble for using the playground equipment in Tehran on the same mourning day.

  3. Madis says

    I was in Dizin yesterday, eastern road is also open now. No fresh snow and lot of it had also melted in a week so slopes were quite icy – not the best conditions for snowboarding. Still nice, though.

    I used the minibus service that Mr. Beygi offers (see the transportation page), price was 120 000, but well worth the money. You do meet local guys in the bus, which is good and Beygi can help you rent sky/snowboard so that you don’t have to pay an extra “tourist tax” ;). It seems everyone knows him on the mountain. He likes to speak a LOT, but he does not seem too confident in English so he mainly stick to practical stuff with me 🙂

  4. Ali says

    I’m from Canada and am going to Dizin this winter. I’ve been there before about 10 years ago, but haven’t been there since, so thanks for the new information.
    FYI, Chalets are so much more fun than the hotels. We used to go there with 2-3 families and it was amazing experience.
    I personally think Dizin is even better than Ski resorts such as Mont Tremblant In Easter Canada. The runs are longer and of course the weather is not as harsh (-40 C to -50 C in Tremblant) while here is so much more snow. The only downturn is the lineups actually…. Everyone who goes there will definitely enjoy it.

  5. hossein says

    Hi guy’s
    I’m from Tehran and skiing every winter in Dizin .That’s incredible ski resort.I can help you if you need information about this place.I hope see you on there. (it’s mine ID)

  6. APW says

    im completely knoew to the concept of Skiing, someone would like to give some tricks and insights about Skiing and Skiing in Dizin, never been to Iran too!! So i need someone to speak help elaborately! my email is

  7. slava says

    off post sorry


    do you know about the snow in Dizin right now? Is it possible to ride? I will be there in 2th January. i am worry aboght that, becouse a saw the weather forcast, and the is clear, cold but now snow…

  8. Oleg says

    The same trouble..

  9. Holger says

    My hotel in Tehran just mailed me, saying that Dizin is still closed, because there’s no snow …

  10. slava says

    bad news((((
    i hope that the snow will come soon…

  11. Elias says

    Any news about getting snow before New Year’s?

  12. sasha says

    no snow?

  13. Dima says

    Hello guys. What about other ski areas? I mean Shamshak, Tochal, Damavand?

  14. salim says

    what snowboards do sell in dizin

  15. Paul says

    I am looking to go over at the beginning of February , is anyone else travelling over at the same time ? When does the snow arrive if there is still not any around ? I am travelling from Scotland alone and would be keen to spend sometime boarding wherever you are from. … It would be good to meet some locals.

  16. Paul says

    I am looking to go over at the beginning of February , is anyone else travelling over at the same time ? When does the snow arrive if there is still not any around ? I am travelling from Scotland alone and would be keen to spend sometime boarding wherever you are from. … It would be good to meet some locals. My email is

  17. bum says

    Do you know what is the situation in Dizin right now? is it open?

  18. Anders says

    Hi – anyone who can give an update in the snowconditions in Dizin and shemshack at the moment?

  19. Iman says

    HI Anders & bum ,,, I live in Tehran ,,, Dizin pist was opened 6 january ,,, but half of this ,,, but we will have good snow sunday ( 9 jan ) to wednesday ( 12 jan ) , so next week everything must be perfect ,, this is my email : ,,, send me a mail if you want more info next days …

  20. Iman says

    HI Dima ,,, tochal was opened since october 2010 ,,, but shemshak is the same as dizin …they will be opened completely next week I think .
    & Salim ,, most of the brand such as K2 , ride , salomon , … u can find tehran … if you want more info about shops , send me a mail ,

  21. Sergei says

    Hi, guys! I work in Iran right now (almost for 10 years)) and started the (sorry for ads, but it’s non-profit site))). it’s under construction (i don’t have lot’s of time now) but i hope that the info will be useful. Also i speak russian.

  22. Sergei says

    Hi, guys! I work in Iran right now (almost for 10 years)) and started the (sorry for ads, but it’s non-profit site))). it’s under construction (i don’t have lot’s of time now) but i hope that the info will be useful. Also i speak russian.

  23. Sergei says

    Weather, snow condition, gear, transfer – you can send ur questions through the web site

  24. MICHEL says

    Hi fellow boarders.
    I’m Michel from Belgium,living and working in Dubai sins 2007.
    I’m going to make my first trip to Dizin from 24/2/11 to 1/3/11.
    I’ve booked a double room at the Dizin hotel (finaly).
    Looking to hook up with some locals or other groups going at the same period?
    The room can be shared if somebody’s interested?
    send me a mail on:

  25. Nick says

    Hi everybody. I’m half-English, half-Iranian with basic farsi speaking skills.
    I plan to travel to Dizin or Shemshak from around 7th March onwards (I have not booked my flights yet).

    I plan to meet locals and other travellers if anyone will be there? We can maybe share accommodation, travel etc

    If you will be there in March, send me an email:

    Thanks, Nick

  26. MICHEL says

    Hi everybody.This is the feedback on my trip to Dizin from 24/2/11 to 1/3/11
    Plain ticket with air-arabia = +- 750 Aed
    Visa at IKA airport in Teheran = 70 USD
    Taxi to and from Dizin = 170 USD
    Hotel double room = 86 USD/night (got 20% discount in the end) = 70 USD/night
    Main courses at Hotel Dizin = 7 to 11 USD
    Slope Pass 5 days = 115 USD
    Best snack bar (red triangled steel roof on the mid level) next to big KFC snack bar.
    TIP: take fruit/water/bisquits/cereal bars and other favorit foods at dizin village(stop the taxi before you reach the hotel) to stock in the rooms frige.(nothing available in the hotel , exept snickers………etc.)
    Contact details:
    Dizin hotel reception :
    Tel: 0261 521449/5212978/5212979
    Mob: 0912 535 2142
    Fax: 0261-5215025
    Mr-Mousavi (, 0912-436-1974 (mob)
    he is the owner of in Teheran and can fix anything you want.
    I have spent +- 1000 USD in six days All included (except the plain ticket). (Dubai).

  27. Scott says

    I’m planning a ski trip in December 2011 the week before xmas, but you could have probably heard my heart break after I’d read this thread and find that Dizin & Shemshak didn’t open until Januaury this season.
    Would it be too much of a gamble to make the trip in December, considering my airfares won’t be cheap (about $1,200)?

    Also, I’m living in Singapore so I don’t have much outside shorts & short sleeves in my wardrobe. Is it possible to hire clothes for skiing at the ski rental shops (like bib & brace)?

    Thanks for posting your help here, or email direct:

  28. Espen Antonsen says

    Scott: Iran is a great place to visit and I really recommend going there even though it would be nicer to visit in spring or early autumn. If you are going just for skiing I would personally not take the chance of going in December. It might be open but also likely that it will be not. Maybe check the conditions for skiing in north India instead?

    I live in Kuala Lumpur and a tip for you in Singapore is to take the bus up here to KL and then fly Air Asia direct to Tehran. Would likely be a lot cheaper than flying from SIN.

  29. yurtdışı eğitim says – Thanks for the sharing

  30. tercüme bürosu says says that this platform is good for knowledge

  31. yurtdışı eğitim says – good forum, thanks

  32. Payman says

    I’ll probably be there in February 2012/March 2012. I’m an Iranian born Canadian, 22 year old male snowboarder. Let me know if anyone wants to meet there and enjoy a day on the slopes. I am not sure if I will be actually staying on the resort but I do know that I’m ready to show some Iranians how a Canadian from the rocky mountain snowboards 😉

  33. Rahman ghaffari says

    OH LA LA! quand moi j ai skié a dizin, ça côté 999,999 fois mois chère!!!!
    c’est la bas que j’ai apprie a skier, c’est a val diser, que je suis devenu champion!!!!
    vivre le blède

  34. Boris Banas says

    Hi Payman, we are a group of Slovak and Czech freeriders. We plan to visit Diyin/Shemshak between March 2-11. Let’s stay in touch. will write you on email.

  35. Mehdi says

    hi guys,dizin opening is tomorow and snow is very good,see ya wooohooooooooo

  36. Vladimir says

    Hello everybody,
    me and my friend (Ukraine) comming to Dizin from 16-Feb-2012 to 22-Feb-2012. Using mounting ski.Tell me please about rental ski in Dizin.Or I have to take my ski from home.Airline bagage limit 20 kg only…
    Best regards.

  37. Espen Antonsen says

    Most airlines allow special equipment such as ski outside the normal baggage allowance. Might be extra but check with the airline you are flying with. There is ski rental in Dizin though.

  38. animal says


    I’ll be there mid feb. ’12, so if you’ll be there at that time already lemme know!

    Ante, Croatia

    p.s. is there any hostel or super cheap accomdation or just 3***hotels? tnx

  39. animal says

    What taxis are that expensive? Is there any alternative like a bus?

  40. Espen Antonsen says

    Only hotels. There are cabins you can rent too but you have to ask around. Maybe someone in the village has a spare room they want to rent out.

  41. Espen Antonsen says

    It is a long drive for a taxi. There is a minibus. For a bus see

  42. Jeremyonions says

    Hey how’s the snow looking?



  43. Cathy Le Gourvenec says

    hello , dizin feedback from january 2014 ! , night in dizin , 120 $ with BF , ski pass per day 25 $ , ski rental per day 27 $ ( recent equipment ) , food rest hotel one 10 $ ! no snow since one month and snow on slope still very good ! no body on slopes 🙂 , lifts not new but enough good to reach the paradise !!!!!!!! iranian style so good , hotel one good , room confortable with wifi , bathroom renew , accueil well ! not a 5 stars but enough !

  44. megi says

    it is little bit expensive

  45. Megi says

    Ante kako je bilo?Moze li koja informacija o hotelu I prevozu od Teherana….?