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Ski instructors and guides

Need to improve your skills? Or would you rather enjoy the great powder snow instead of teaching your kids not to fall when going down the hill? There are ski instructors available for hire in Dizin. Either as private tutors or as part of a group lesson. So what are you waiting for? Have a look for some cheap flights to Tehran and get ready to snowboard!

Unfortunately I cannot give you any prices as my reply to a guy in the pro-shop who asked whether I would need a ski instructors was: “I am from Norway”. He laughed away with his Iranian friends quoting what I just said. We have a saying here in Norway that says that Norwegians are born with the skies on their legs. It is also here that both the first indication of skiing as well as modern skiing was invented (in fact not far from where my grandma lives here in Telemark).

For guided off-piste skiing or snowboarding contact Mosayeb Seyd Poor (+98 912-3132773) who grew up in Dizin and has competed internationally as a professional snowboarder. He charges 100 EUR for a day.



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  • Kalhor

    I am a local in dizin.If you Like I can give you more information about Dizin.

  • Siv Raknes

    Hello! I’m a norwegian girl who are thinking about going to Dizin in end of march/beginning of april, and would like to know if it is possible to rent telemark ski in dizin? I suppose i have to bring my own…?

  • Espen Antonsen

    Bring your own. No Telemark-skies. It is possible to rent snowboard and alpine skies, but if you can bring your own do so.

  • Tristan Bunn

    I am wanting to plan a trip to Dizin/Shemshak. Is there any restrictions on riding in the Backcountry and would there be a guide with freeriding and avalanche experience?

  • Alex

    Good afternoon.
    We are interested in accomodation in Dizin or not so far from it (1-2 kilometers) for group of skiers (about 10 pepole).
    Dates are from 29.12.2009 to 10.01.2010.
    If it is possible – could You give us contacts of hotels or other appartments?
    Thank You!

    بعد از ظهر بخیر.
    ما در خوابگاه در دیزین علاقمند هستند و یا نه چندان دور از آن (1-2 کیلومتر) برای گروهی از skiers (در حدود 10 pepole).
    خرما را از 29.12.2009 به 10.01.2010 می شوند.
    اگر این امکان وجود دارد — می تواند شما با ما تماس با هتل آپارتمان ها و یا دیگر بیان کنید؟
    تشکر از شما!

  • Pia

    I’m interested in accommodation in Dizin from 19.12.2009 to 26.12.2009 for 3 people.
    Can you give me details of hotels ?

  • pouria

    hi siv raknes, you can come with me to the dizin !! im going there 😡 😡

  • Fredrik

    Hey, we are a group of 4 guys from norway traveling to Dizin 4.feb – 12feb 2010! Any recomandatinos, we have booked tour with guid and hotel but are open for inputs! 😉

  • Turaif

    is there any snow in november ? 😛

  • Jessica

    WOW, this looks like an amazing place to visit, next time I am in Europe will definitely try to hop over to Iran. awesome site, I will share with some friends on Facebook

  • Kamran Kashani

    I have a fantastic apartment in Shemshak to let, sleeps up tp 6 persons.
    For more info please contact me