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Ski Safari Iran 2009

In French but is worth a view even if you don’t speak French (I don’t). Shows some French skiers and snowboarders coming to Tehran and checking out the piste in both Dizin and Shemshak.

Video from MeltingSpot

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  1. roozbeh from Tehran;) says

    I really liked that,,,

  2. navid says

    hey guys
    i am iranian my self and i been snowboading in iran and all round the world.
    it is delightful to see you guys share the same passion and actually traveled to iran.
    great job and i gonna post this on my facebook to so alot more people can see it..
    nice one .

  3. Masih says

    Props to all you guys. this was absolutely wicked…

  4. nima sardar says

    hey guys,
    im navids friend, yes the guy who has been snowboading in iran and all round the world! 🙂
    just wanted to say nice one! i will also share this in facebook.
    (well done nav for sharing)

  5. Espen Antonsen says

    Cool, thanks guys. Merci. Kheily khoob!


  6. Øivinn Rype says

    Hei Espen, en veldig veldig bra side. Jeg skal til Dizin på torsdag og lurer på om det mulig å kjøpe brett, bindinger og støvler der som er av god kvalitet? Hvis ikke har jeg mulighet til å stoppe over i Dubai og handle der, jeg har nemlig vært så smart og legge igjen alt utstyret mitt i Norge og jeg bor for tiden i Amman.

    Mvh Øivinn

  7. Espen Antonsen says

    Øyvinn: I would definitevely recommend buying everything in Dubai. Imported goods like snowboards are not so cheap in Iran and the selection is not what you would be used to at home. There is however one decent shop. I do not remember the name but im sure Mr. Beygi could help. Have a look at

  8. Mohamad says

    Hi , very dashing tour to Iran…
    Are you been in Touchol too?

  9. Espen Antonsen says

    Mohamad: No, next time! Looks fantastic to snowboard down the mountain with a view of Tehran.

  10. Dariush says

    Why are you using arabic music for intrucing Iran in this video? Or are you so dumb that cant see you are not in an arabic country?

  11. Espen Antonsen says

    Dariush: I did not make this video. By all means, do point out that the music is arabic and not iranian, but there is no need for name calling.

  12. Dariush says

    I didnt insult anyone!
    If you are living in the west and listen to western media you would definitely think that Iranians are arabs, but if you go to Iran and see that Iranian have different culture, language, look and even religion then you should either be dumb or ignorant to use arabic music to represent our country.

    Anyway, Its maybe that no western tourist come to Iran! Its apparant that most of them tell lies about us when they go back! Althought I dont like arabs in our counrty at all! We Iranians suffer a lot of from the Islamic regime but the westerners throw a lot of salt on our wounds with all their lies.

  13. Dariush says

    The last but definitely not the least.
    I forgot to say that we have totally different race then arabs too.

  14. Espen Antonsen says

    Dariush: so you want people in the west not to look negatively on Iranians but at the same time you say negative things about arabs. Maybe you should look in yourself before pointing the finger at others. If you want to educate people in the west about Iranian culture I really suggest that you find another way of doing it. But please let it be, this site is about informing people about Dizin not a place for political discussion and suchs.

    Enjoy the weekend in Iran.

    Espen – who likes Iranians, Arabs, Americans and everyone else.

  15. Dariush says

    This is my last messege for u too.
    Let just everyone stay in their own land!
    I would be happy!

  16. Younes says

    Good point Espen,
    anyway I just want to point you th official site of Dizin ski resort. it has updated information on weather and road condition.
    Hope to see you back in dizin

  17. nikah şekeri says

    Iranians are in a very contemporary bilinmelidirki there are people ..

  18. Afshin says

    Hello Espen,
    This is a beautiful clip. I used to ski in Dizin and Shemshak a long time ago before I moved to Canada. It’s interesting to see it from a foreigner’s eyes. You guys sometimes notice things that we don’t since we see it everyday. Good work.
    Not sure if you’ve been to Whistler, British Columbia, but I recommend it. It’s a good ski place.

  19. Espen Antonsen says

    Salam Ashin. Whistler seems awesome. Never been to North America in the winter, would love to go though.

  20. Tannaz says

    Espan, you have experienced a totally different version of the winter in Iran than the one i always do. it’s interesting to see and hear about your experience!
    That is an arabic song but i honestly don’t see the reason why you were being so insulted for it… i apologise for that.
    “shine on – Rio” is the song i listened to everyday on my way to Dizin from Tehran last winter. it made me feel very nostalgic 🙂
    I hope you had a great time and that you’d want to come back again someday!
    have a lovely winter full of snow!!


  21. Anoosh says

    salam Espen,
    I hope you are fine….i like this video but i think Tehran is completely different from what you’ve shown us.
    I think you have only seen the poor parts of Tehran (I hope you understand me 🙂 )

  22. Espen Antonsen says

    Anoosh: Iran has many sides, this is one of them.

  23. Anoosh says

    Okay i understand what you mean, but what im trying to say is that you could have shown other things besides Mosques and only Islamic views in Iran.

  24. alex says

    We arrived to Dizin just a few days ago and only for 4 days. All ski lifts are closed and they explain it with lack of snow on the slopes and that it is dangerous for us to snowboard here. But the same time they also said that they don’t mind us walking up the hill and ride down, somehow it is not dangerous any more. We did it two days in a row, there is a 4k road which takes you to the top of one of the lifts. Went down – snow is awesome, well, of course there are a few stones, but this is normal. So we tried to explain it to the skilifts management trying to convince them to open the liftsat least for one ride so we don’t have to walk for 2-3 hours for a 10 minutes ride, but did not succeed. So basicaly we’re leaving tomorroe and had only 2 proper rides. Beside that we found food really boring here, people are not very helpful since it’s just very difficult to communicate, they give different answers to different people for the same question, these days phrases “no pist”, “lift close”,”cannot help” we heard like a million times.
    IO saw a few really nice vids before i came here and was really expecting something awesome, but it came out as the worst snowboard trip ever. I would never recommend any of my friends to visit this place unless they’re 100% sure there is snow and lifts are open, but everybody should be ready for boring evenings, unless you came with a big company and brought some fun with you.

  25. Espen Antonsen says

    Alex: Thanks for your comment. Too bad you were unlucky with the snow conditions. Like any ski resort they have to wait until there is enough snow to open. And even though they are ok with you skiing down by yourself it is something else to open the slope for everyone when there is not enough snow. Yeah, the food is fairly basic, just kebabs. Unfortunately they do not serve traditional persian dishes which is really good and more tasteful than kebabs. Regarding the communication problems I can just say that travelling in countries where english is not the first language or widely spoken is always a challenge. I loved Dizin and really think you will love it if you go back when there is enough snow.

  26. Anders says

    Hi Espen – my friend and I are going to Dizin in 4 days. Do you know anything about the snowconditions? says that there will be snow on sunday byt noting about the current condition and snowpack on the mountain. Hope you can help, Thanks 🙂

  27. Valentin says

    Hey, we also made a small movie about splitboarding, snowboarding and freeriding in Iran. You can watch it here:

    And for those who speak german, there is a trip-report in the bergzeit-blog:

  28. Raymond Ghaffari says

    ne mélangez pas la montagne avec la ville, peu importe la quelle,
    la montagne est la nature, inégalée, prenez plaisir, et laissez pour les autre telle que vous l’avez trouvé. rahman de paris.
    j’ai skié a dizine il y a 30 ans, et je vous ai laissé ma montagne, et je prend plaisir a la votre chez vous mais, c’est plus chère!!!!!!!
    la montagne c’est sacré dit THANAK.